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settlement after deposition

When going through a personal injury claim, it’s common for victims to become frustrated after waiting so long for a resolution.

During this process, you may ask yourself, how long after a deposition does it take to get a settlement?

While there’s no exact answer that fits all situations, there are a few signs to look out for that may indicate an impending settlement offer. 

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What Is a Deposition?

A deposition is when both sides of the case ask witnesses questions under oath. These witnesses may also include the plaintiff or the defendant in some situations.

The goal of a deposition is to present the facts of the case to each side in preparation for the actual trial.

For some, the deposition is the final step of their claim before receiving a settlement. However, the case may still go to trial in certain situations.

Do Personal Injury Cases Settle After a Deposition?

Generally, personal injury cases settle before a deposition. However, if the case reaches this point, there is a good chance that it may settle anyway. There are a couple of reasons for this.

First, the at-fault party may realize that they may lose at trial based on the facts presented during the deposition.

Maybe the defendant accidentally admits guilt under oath, or perhaps the examination of a particular piece of evidence shows their liability.

Whatever the case may be, many defendants settle after a deposition in fear of losing the trial and paying potentially more damages.

Second, even if the defense has a strong argument, they may find that the cost of going to trial isn’t worth their efforts.

As a result, they may give you a much lower offer, knowing that going to trial would be risky for your case.

After a Deposition, When Is a Settlement Reached?

How long after deposition will they settle? The timeline for a finalized settlement varies after a deposition. It’s very rare for the defense to offer a settlement during or immediately following deposition.

Instead, they may offer the settlement well after the trial starts. This typically happens after discovery, but it may even happen after the jury reaches a verdict.

The variables involved in personal injury cases make it impossible to know exactly when you may reach a settlement.

To answer the question, After a deposition, when is a settlement reached? You need to speak with your personal injury attorney.

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